INCARNATION, broadly defined, refers to the embodiment of an immaterial reality in material form. Various philosophies and religions use this idea to describe what I call the art and science of life. The art of life refers to abstract realities like emotion, creativity, and interpretation that give life vigor. The science of life refers to the concrete, methodical, and routine patterns that give life structure. But really, art & science are just man-made definitions we use to help make sense of the world.

Purpose: Every now and then I’ll write about an idea I’ve been kicking around. Hopefully, it’ll be interesting enough to generate some discussion. Overall, I hope to attract honest, everyday people who want to explore the art and science, the mystery and order, of life. Most of the entries will relate some aspect of the American incarnation of Christ, since that is my context.

Maturity: Blogging is risky. In addition to the lack of tone, facial expression, and body language, strangers may come to some inaccurate conclusions about me based on a few posts. However, I believe the ideas I write about are worth the risk of me being misjudged; I hope my decision to risk vulnerability for the sake of ideas will not be abused. I also decided to keep my earlier posts, not because I think they’re good, but because they were a part of my maturing process. If you strongly disagree with anything here, please respond maturely, intelligently, and publicly. I hope these posts generate more light than heat.

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